Blog Returns?

Hello, anyone still checking this? I know its been quite awhile since we have written regular blog posts, but I am going to try again. :)  In the meantime, I’ve updated the look of the blog and it now includes our instagram and facebook accounts which will show you the latest posts.  You can always find us @tosotscrystals.  I often post videos and random musings to these social streams. Hope to see you around.

Two Ways to Win! Customer Appreciation

From our Sept 24th Newsletter.

We thought it would be a good time to let everyone know how much we appreciate you, our customers.  This month, and every month, we will run different ways to win free crystals. What’s not to love?

There are currently 2 ways to win!

1. Place an order between now and October 9 to be entered to win all these beautiful goodies!


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And now all orders $75 and over will ship for free*!

This month is a time for new beginnings. Many of us look at Mercury retrogrades with just a hint of apprehension, with the best laid plans often going awry.  However Mercury retrogrades can be a positive thing!   This Mercury retrograde continues on the energies of last months Venus retrograde.  This Mercury retrograde is about setting new patterns,  it is time to reevaluate and reconsider. You may find yourself coming back to old projects or situations, this is your chance to revamp old projects and make them better!  Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back to recenter yourself and begin again with a fresh perspective. This combines with a rare lunar eclipse this Sunday with September’s supermoon.  What better time to sweep out the old and bring in the new!  Now is the time to set your intentions to manifest your dreams.

We have added  a wide variety of new crystals and minerals, including a several from our personal collection.  We are also listing a number of stunning offerings from an estate sale.  Pink amphibole crystals from Madagascar, Black Shiva Lingams, and gorgeous amethyst crystals are among our other additions. Check out all of our latest offerings here.

Until next time.

In gratitude and love,

Jennifer & Mary

*Free Shipping up to $25 value. No coupon necessary.

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Venus Retrograde From September’s Newsletter

We have become more aware of the effects of the  Mercury retrogade, (Sept 17 – Oct 9th) but many of us have been feeling the effects of a relatively rare Venus retrograde, it happens about every 19 months.  Most people think of Venus and love, but she rules over all relationships, art, beauty, and finances. Venus has also been known as the god of war too, so you may have seen more conflict in your life than you are used to.  This has been a time to reevaluate situations and break from toxic relationships.

Venus leaves retrograde Sept 6th and will be full direct by Oct. 9th. As you may notice we will have an overlap where we will feel some residual affects of Venus, while working through the next Mercury retrograde, bringing lots of re-evaluation and change. As we move out of this retrograde we should look towards re-energizing abundance in all aspects of our lives.

When working with crystals for abundance, you’ll notice that most of them are green (hmmm, the color of money?) But they are also the color of the heart chakra. However, the solar plexus and sacral chakras are important too. You need to dispel fears, and awaken the creative forces within.

Shattukite is a perfect stone to work with during this time.  Shattuckite promotes strength and courage and the tenacity to continue during stressful situations of life.
Of course we can’t talk about abundance without mentioning citrine!  It is one of our favorite varieties of quartz and it rules the solar plexus.  Citrine dispels fears and promotes abundance.  We have citrine from the Congo and Brazil, some are lightbraries, some have blue tourmaline, and others are a dreamy combination with rose quartz!

The sacral chakra is the root of ideas and creativity.  Sunstone, Calcite and tangerine quartz are all good sacral stones.
Check out all of our latest offerings here.

There is something for every budget, we currently have over 200 items under $50!

Until next time.

In gratitude and love,

Jennifer & Mary

Summer Sale – 30% Off

Help us beat the heat and pay for our brand new air conditioner system with our Stay Cool sale with 30% off* everything!  Murphy’s law hit last week when our AC died on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Keep your cool with these awesome savings but act quickly because this sale ends soon!

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In the time of a retrograde

Warning this is a fairly long blog entry… you may want to settle down with a cup of tea. We’ve been quiet for the past month, and some profound personal shifts have been occurring. I wanted to share just a part of my spiritual journey this month.

You may not know but I’m a Gemini, who’s planet is ruled by none other than Mercury. That means that Gemini’s (along with other signs ruled by Mercury) feel the retrograde more than others. And this one, was felt more than most. Mercury began its latest move into retrograde on March 30 and will be fully past on the 23rd.  At the start of writing this post, there are 4 days to go.

I can’t say that I understand everything there is to know about astrology, really, I only understand a fraction of a percent, but I do know that Mercury retrogrades always mess with me, and my electronics. Emails go awry, programs break, you’re easily misunderstand and sometimes you just find yourself in a healing crisis trying to release old karma.

TOSOTS is and always has been a reflection of our spiritual journey. It is the product of perspiration, perseverance, desperation, joy, and an expression of our discoveries. Since we’re so energetically linked with the business, it is only natural that we go into a quite time while we’ve been more tuned inwards to reflect and heal. There have been few emails or special requests from our customers, so there have been few demands on our time. There have also been very few updates in the past few weeks, no facebook posts, and no blog posts either. But this has given me the necessary time to process and heal. A quite time is both scary and a blessing when you own your own business.  But I now understand that to everything there is a cycle. A time to expand, and a time to contract, much like the rhythm of breath.

You know you’re in for a rough ride when your healing crisis pretty much begins with a trip to the ER with suspected appendicitis. In between the tests, the seven hours spent in the ER gave me lots and lots of time to think. Memories from the past began to bubble up, with striking similarities to an indecent when I was in my teens, reinforcing the importance of the memories. These glimpses of the past told me this had less to do with the physical now, but the emotional issues from the past. So it’s no wonder that they released me at almost midnight telling me I was fine, but should symptoms return, to go back to the ER. So thankfully, no appendicitis, but that left me wondering what was the point besides now leaving me with thousands in medical bills, especially since we’re not exactly rolling in money.

Abundance is one of my blocks, and more specifically abundance of money. We have an abundance of lots of things in life, but concepts of love, joy, gratitude, acceptance, just don’t pay the bills, LOL.  It’s not that I expect to win the lottery, and be rolling in money, but the easy flow of money in and out. I mean, what’s the point of abundance of cash flow if you don’t let it, well, flow. It’s not enough to want abundance, or need abundance, but you have to embrace abundance, in all of its forms. Accept abundance no matter what form it comes in.  Don’t ask the universe for help, when you don’t open all of the doors. When you let go of expectations and limitations, you will be cared for.

This month the universe has been conspiring against me. Granted, everything has been in my own best interest. Against all struggles and resistance, it is giving me what I want and what I need, maybe not in the way I would have anticipated. But isn’t that the way?

For example, circumstances have brought me to apply for some outside work. I continue to struggle with my massage practice.  I don’t want a huge practice, but a couple of days a week would be nice. Some weeks it works, some it doesn’t, but it’s nothing reliable. I’m not great at marketing myself, but stubbornly not wanting to work for anyone else. Working at a spa was out of the question, or so I thought. Not that there is anything wrong with a spa, but often they require too many hours without proper breaks, I know myself and my body, I can’t handle that type of job. At a low point, I applied anyways. I thought for sure I wouldn’t get past the application stage. But I opened the door and after speaking to the manager, the actual job requirements mesh perfectly with my goals. To my surprise, they are checking references and I now truly hope to get the job.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Another example, I’ve made some fairly good lifestyle changes the past few years. Gave up smoking and eating much healthier. But exercise is one thing that I pick up for a few months, then drop for a few months. Physical activity is something I need more of (tie in to emergency above), but lack the motivation.  So while I was pondering jobs that I could do on a part time basis, a friend sends me a message. Dog walker hiring, you interested? Hmmmm… paid, to walk dogs. Key word walk, walk = exercise. Paid to exercise? Now that’s a plan I can get behind.  (I started training today by the way. ;-))

None of these lessons have come easily for me. Days have come and gone in a blur, leaving me wondering where all the time has gone. My sanity held in check by my loving wife Mary, our children (well at least the furry, feathered, and finned kind) and my dad and of course my guides and mentors. I’m grateful to Mary for holding everything together while I went off on this spiritual journey I wasn’t aware I was embarking on when this all started.

I seem to be home now. The retrograde is coming to a close and the cycle is coming to a close. Maybe this time around I’ve learned the lessons that have been presented to me. Here’s just a few.😉

Abundance flows where and how it can. Don’t put a limit on it.
The universe loves me.
My guides will get a message to me, even if it has to go through 2 people to get to me.
Cherish the little things that make you smile.
Open your heart, you have nothing to fear.
I am me, a product of all my parts, but not consumed by any one of them.

By the way, retrograde is now over in 3 days.😉


Rough Energies Through the 19th

You may have noticed, the energy is quite intense right now, but the Full Moon on the 19th should bring some relief. Expressions of anger and sorrow are common. Take the time to acknowledge and let go of these emotions. Take extra care of yourself, meditate, be gentle with yourself. Choose stones with fortifying energy that will allow you a gentle release.  Tanzanite, pink kunzite, shungite, larimar, and enhydro crystals are comforting and supportive choices.

Give us a call or drop us an email, if you need assistance choosing stones or just can’t find what you’re looking for.

A note about Facebook

If you “Like” us on Facebook and haven’t been seeing any posts from us at all, it is due to a new setting in Facebook. It defaults to people and pages you had interacted with in the days or weeks leading up to the profile changes.

To see what you’ve been missing: Scroll to the bottom of your news feed, select “Edit Options” and change the setting to “All friends and pages” again.

We sometimes post special discounts or stone offerings just for our Facebook members. Come join the fun if you haven’t already!

Feeling the Winter Blues? Combat Seasonal Depression with Crystals

Wow, the year is flying by! Here’s an excerpt from our last newsletter addressing those winter blues.

Now we’re in the midst of winters we’re feeling the affects of the cold and lack of sun. From mild winter blues to full Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), we can all use a little warmth and light that crystals bring to our lives.

Bright Flashy Sunstone OvalSunstone

Like the name implies, sunstone has a bright sunny energy. It brings warmth and joy with its sparkling energy. It can be used to counter depression, comfort during grief and inspire creativity!

RK citrine cathedral crystalCitrine

We admit it, citrine is one of our favorite stones, but how can you resist it’s golden hues. Citrine has a warm energy that is bright and uplifting. Hold at your solar plexus and breathe in its energy to infuse yourself with its bright energy. You’ll find a nice selection in the preview section.

Bright Rainbow Quartz PyramidRainbows

Crystals with rainbows have bright joyous energy. Rainbows can be found in any mineral or crystal with some translucency. Rainbow energy brings out the child within and fosters joy on all levels. It counters negativity, including negative thoughts. Rainbows truly bring in the light.

Labradorite, Moonstones, Tourmaline, Tangerine Quartz, and Fluorite can all be used to counter the blues. And we can’t forget Calcite, especially yellow or gold, also has bright uplifting energy.