Time Flies!

Wow so much has been going on here at TOSOTS that it’s been hard to keep up with it all! After a whirlwind of bug fixes our site is more stable than ever and ready for a round of upgrades! My Account has had some major updates making it easier to input your information. My Orders (under my account) will now display your order status, including date shipped!

While our site designer and I have been busy working on bug fixes, Mary has been busy taking pictures and adding new inventory to the site. Recently added are beautiful super seven cabachons (with more to come soon), tourmaline, opalized jasper freeforms, black amethyst wands from India, Ouro Preto topaz and much more.

Today’s Web Tip:

The Yellow Links in the Green Box on the side of each item listing will take you to a search that includes that keyword. For example, clicking on Heart will take you to a search of all the crystals that we’ve selected as having influence on the Heart Chakra. If you click Brazil, you’ll be taken to a listing of all the crystal from Brazil, and so on! Just another way to explore our site.


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