Crystal Repairs – What to do with when accidents happen.

We’ve all done it in the past, you have a favorite crystal and it breaks, chips, splits or otherwise becomes damaged. We’re asked a lot of questions about this.

What do I do with sharp edges?

Is there a way to put a safe point on the end? Absolutely, a nail file is your best tool to soften ultra sharp edges.

Crystals breaking is not always bad thing, often it is a sign that the crystal has taken on all the stress and negativity that it can hold. Sometimes this happens in one session and no amount of clearing or charging could have prevented the breakage. The best thing to do after this kind of break is let the crystal rest. Whether that means burying it, placing on selenite or other rituals is up to you and the crystal. If a crystal needs an energy release of that magnitude it will leap of of counters, encourage cats to knock them down, or even slip out of your hand.

Can I glue the pieces back together?

Occasionally a crystal that has broken is purely an accident, and wants to be together. I have some in my collection that I have glued, some that still rest together as if they were whole, and others that I use the pieces separately. An alternative to gluing is wrapping with wire or leather, depending on the the split. There is no right answer here, as long as you honor the energies of the crystal.

How do I know if the pieces want to remain apart? Sometimes you can feel the slight repulsing of the parts, like two magnets of the same polar end but softer. Of course if the parts won’t stay together no matter what you do, that is also a good sign that the split is for good.

I have a cluster and one of the crystals broke. Now what?

It is not unusual for clusters to shed a crystal now and then. I see this as a positive thing like the crystal had a baby. 🙂 Use these small crystals as portable links to the cluster as a whole. It’s a lot easier to carry a small crystal in your pocket than a whole cluster!

Sometimes little chips come off of clusters or crystals that are really too small to work with. I use these in pouches, in plant pots, or in our yard. I just can’t throw away crystals, so I return them to the Earth. Who knows, maybe I’m seeding crystals for the future. 😉


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