Crystals are Food for the Soul

I was talking to a customer last week, and she asked me some very good questions. Why do people need crystals now more than ever? How can the crystals help us? If you had to only give one message from the crystals, what would it be? Some pretty heavy stuff, but I’ll keep it simple.

Crystals are food for the soul.

Many have figured out that our modern lifestyle needs some improvement. We are relearning the importance of eating good foods, exercise, and even taking time for ourselves (shocking isn’t it?). Yet our spiritual (energetic) side is still often ignored.

Crystals are from the Earth help us reconnect with ourselves, our environment, and our Spirituality. Some have Earth energies, providing grounding and balance. Others raise our energy, helping us to tap into the Divine. As our lives have become more complex, fast paced, and stimulus intensive, and our modern society has become out of sync with life’s rhythms. We are expected to be constantly on the go and over stimulated. This can leave you feeling unfulfilled, drained of energy, and susceptible to illness. Crystals are here to counter the chaos, bringing focus, balance and healing. They are here to guide us through the changing times and help us cope with the energy shifts ahead. Crystals are tangible, they remind us of these things just by being present. Crystals provide a link to our angels, guides, totems and other spiritual aspects of ourselves.


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