Venus Retrograde From September’s Newsletter

We have become more aware of the effects of the  Mercury retrogade, (Sept 17 – Oct 9th) but many of us have been feeling the effects of a relatively rare Venus retrograde, it happens about every 19 months.  Most people think of Venus and love, but she rules over all relationships, art, beauty, and finances. Venus has also been known as the god of war too, so you may have seen more conflict in your life than you are used to.  This has been a time to reevaluate situations and break from toxic relationships.

Venus leaves retrograde Sept 6th and will be full direct by Oct. 9th. As you may notice we will have an overlap where we will feel some residual affects of Venus, while working through the next Mercury retrograde, bringing lots of re-evaluation and change. As we move out of this retrograde we should look towards re-energizing abundance in all aspects of our lives.

When working with crystals for abundance, you’ll notice that most of them are green (hmmm, the color of money?) But they are also the color of the heart chakra. However, the solar plexus and sacral chakras are important too. You need to dispel fears, and awaken the creative forces within.

Shattukite is a perfect stone to work with during this time.  Shattuckite promotes strength and courage and the tenacity to continue during stressful situations of life.
Of course we can’t talk about abundance without mentioning citrine!  It is one of our favorite varieties of quartz and it rules the solar plexus.  Citrine dispels fears and promotes abundance.  We have citrine from the Congo and Brazil, some are lightbraries, some have blue tourmaline, and others are a dreamy combination with rose quartz!

The sacral chakra is the root of ideas and creativity.  Sunstone, Calcite and tangerine quartz are all good sacral stones.
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Until next time.

In gratitude and love,

Jennifer & Mary

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