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Feeling the Winter Blues? Combat Seasonal Depression with Crystals

Wow, the year is flying by! Here’s an excerpt from our last newsletter addressing those winter blues.

Now we’re in the midst of winters we’re feeling the affects of the cold and lack of sun. From mild winter blues to full Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), we can all use a little warmth and light that crystals bring to our lives.

Bright Flashy Sunstone OvalSunstone

Like the name implies, sunstone has a bright sunny energy. It brings warmth and joy with its sparkling energy. It can be used to counter depression, comfort during grief and inspire creativity!

RK citrine cathedral crystalCitrine

We admit it, citrine is one of our favorite stones, but how can you resist it’s golden hues. Citrine has a warm energy that is bright and uplifting. Hold at your solar plexus and breathe in its energy to infuse yourself with its bright energy. You’ll find a nice selection in the preview section.

Bright Rainbow Quartz PyramidRainbows

Crystals with rainbows have bright joyous energy. Rainbows can be found in any mineral or crystal with some translucency. Rainbow energy brings out the child within and fosters joy on all levels. It counters negativity, including negative thoughts. Rainbows truly bring in the light.

Labradorite, Moonstones, Tourmaline, Tangerine Quartz, and Fluorite can all be used to counter the blues. And we can’t forget Calcite, especially yellow or gold, also has bright uplifting energy.

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