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We survived the Mercury Retrograde, Fall is here and it’s the weekend!

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Blog Returns?

Hello, anyone still checking this? I know its been quite awhile since we have written regular blog posts, but I am going to try again. 🙂  In the meantime, I’ve updated the look of the blog and it now includes our instagram and facebook accounts which will show you the latest posts.  You can always find us @tosotscrystals.  I often post videos and random musings to these social streams. Hope to see you around.

Summer Sale – 30% Off

Help us beat the heat and pay for our brand new air conditioner system with our Stay Cool sale with 30% off* everything!  Murphy’s law hit last week when our AC died on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Keep your cool with these awesome savings but act quickly because this sale ends soon!

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A note about Facebook

If you “Like” us on Facebook and haven’t been seeing any posts from us at all, it is due to a new setting in Facebook. It defaults to people and pages you had interacted with in the days or weeks leading up to the profile changes.

To see what you’ve been missing: Scroll to the bottom of your news feed, select “Edit Options” and change the setting to “All friends and pages” again.

We sometimes post special discounts or stone offerings just for our Facebook members. Come join the fun if you haven’t already!

Feeling the Winter Blues? Combat Seasonal Depression with Crystals

Wow, the year is flying by! Here’s an excerpt from our last newsletter addressing those winter blues.

Now we’re in the midst of winters we’re feeling the affects of the cold and lack of sun. From mild winter blues to full Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), we can all use a little warmth and light that crystals bring to our lives.

Bright Flashy Sunstone OvalSunstone

Like the name implies, sunstone has a bright sunny energy. It brings warmth and joy with its sparkling energy. It can be used to counter depression, comfort during grief and inspire creativity!

RK citrine cathedral crystalCitrine

We admit it, citrine is one of our favorite stones, but how can you resist it’s golden hues. Citrine has a warm energy that is bright and uplifting. Hold at your solar plexus and breathe in its energy to infuse yourself with its bright energy. You’ll find a nice selection in the preview section.

Bright Rainbow Quartz PyramidRainbows

Crystals with rainbows have bright joyous energy. Rainbows can be found in any mineral or crystal with some translucency. Rainbow energy brings out the child within and fosters joy on all levels. It counters negativity, including negative thoughts. Rainbows truly bring in the light.

Labradorite, Moonstones, Tourmaline, Tangerine Quartz, and Fluorite can all be used to counter the blues. And we can’t forget Calcite, especially yellow or gold, also has bright uplifting energy.

Thankfulness Sale 25% Site Wide

As Thanksgiving draws near, we’d like to show how thankful we are with a super sale! We are thankful for our long time customers for being with us while we transitioned to our new site, with words of support and encouragement. We’re grateful to our new customers who share with us their joy in discovering the crystalline world. But most of all we’re thankful for the crystals, who share their wisdom, joy and light with us all. To help you share the joy, this week only we’re having a Thankfulness Sale, so draw up your lists for you, your family and friends!

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Sale Extended Through Friday!

10% off all order through November 5th! In addition FREE* shipping on domestic orders over $100 via First Class and Priority Mail and international orders over $200 via airmail! No voucher or coupon codes necessary!

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Happy Halloween – 10% off and Free Shipping*!

You can’t miss the fact the holidays are creeping up on us. For the early bird shoppers we’re offering 10% off all order through October 31st! In addition FREE* shipping on domestic orders over $100 via First Class and Priority Mail and international orders over $200 via airmail! No voucher or coupon codes necessary!

Better yet, there are no codes to enter! Shop Now!

*Some restrictions apply where noted. Free shipping is calculated after discount and does not include sales tax. Discount does not apply to lay-a-ways over
30 days.

Ethically Sourced Crystals

With recent current events bringing mining conditions into the headlines, we wanted to share our beliefs in fair trade and responsibly harvested stones. We work with the small suppliers who treat their folks fairly–our Brazilian friend who visited us last week has even been a driving force to improve living conditions not only for the miners who work for him, but for miners throughout Brazil. We focus on stones and crystals that are ethically harvested, and not strip-mined through blasting.

We will not work with mass-produced stones that are by-products of huge mineral extraction companies. We hand pick every stone that we carry for its energy and beauty, with a conscious thought towards supporting the communities who harvest these beauties.

Questions about our Crystal Buying Practices

Several months back I asked for questions you have about crystals for a pending radio interview. Here are a few that didn’t make it to the interview. Have a question, just comment below or drop us an email.

• How do you pick out crystals you want to buy for TOSOTS?

That’s a fantastic question! We look for several things in a crystal; energy, beauty, and willingness to travel. We scan the crystals available and also listen to what they have to say too. It’s more like a background chatter, but we open our intuition to see who wants to come home with us. A beautiful, well formed crystal is sure to catch our eye, but overall, energy is more important to us. That is why you’ll find many “warrior” crystals with bumps and bruises too. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder. Often you’ll find us digging through box after box to find the select few that are calling loudly for us to find them. Because we know that they crystals will spend more time than most in the mail system, a willingness to travel is also important, which is usually not an issue; after all many of the crystals have already traveled thousands of miles. Of course a good way to catch our attention is to flash a rainbow at us. 😉

• What is the process by which crystals go from being in nature to being for sale? Who are the intermediaries and what do they do?

This is a very tough question, because it truly depends on where we’re getting the crystals from. Some are washed and released from sandy soils, others are picked up from a stream bed. Some are hand chiseled from rock surfaces. Most crystals that reach the display/metaphysical market are hand mined to preserve the crystal formations. Blast mining is done for raw minerals for commercial purposes. We try to acquire our crystals close to the source, that way all win with lower prices! So crystals usually go from the the miners, then usually someone who sells for them, and hopefully straight to us. The more we travel, the more we’re able to purchase straight from the miners!

• How can one know if a crystal has been kindly brought through all those steps?

The best way is to ask. We do our best to support fair trade practices. Sometimes it is impossible to know for sure. However you can often feel the energy of a crystal that has been mistreated in the process. Is it calling for rescue? Does it feel abused? The energy of a crystal that has been mishandled will be dull and sluggish. Poorly treated stones are often found at outlet department stores.

We honor all of the stones that we purchase, no matter the routes they have traveled to reach us. We listen to their needs, allowing those that wish to rest for weeks or months and occasionally years before we list them on the site. We handle the crystals routinely, with a good dose of Reiki along the way. We often play the Tibetan bowls for them. We smudge with sage and now Paulo Santo wood several times a year, and especially after we receive a new shipment of crystals. They often rest in receiving (aka our living room) where our Master crystals greet them and they get lots of kitty love. 🙂