When your stones are unhappy… 


Way back in August 2016 Mary and I completed an order of various stones from South Africa.  As shipments go, it was decent, but not huge, around 90 pounds of new material. Labradorite, spirit quartz, calcite, zircons and more.  We were excited.  We opted for surface mail, aka slow row boat via China, because it was the most cost effective at the time.  Estimated arrival date was September, or worst case early October.  Boy were we wrong.  October comes and goes and no stones.  By mid November we are contacting all involved because we are now super concerned (that’s another story).  November turns to December and we are assured that we will have our shipment before Christmas.  But this wasn’t the case.

December 29 arrives and we get notice of attempted delivery! At last we think!  A trip to the post office later and we have both boxes… but there’s a problem.  One of the boxes is light, I mean really light.  It should have 22kg (almost 45lbs) in there, you should not have been able to lift it with one hand!

With a giant pit in her stomach Mary takes the boxes home, as I’m still at work.  With a sinking heart she opens the box to find exactly what she expected by now, it’s empty except for 4 pieces of newspaper.

She turned her attention to the heavier box, which thankfully had not been tampered with.  But the stones, so unhappy!  Their energy is heavy and filled with fear and anger and sadness.  The last time we had a unhappy shipment was when we received multiple broken items.  But everyone was in tact in this shipment, just unhappy.

We will never know what the stones went through in that box, which took over 8 weeks longer than anticipated. What we did know is that we had to help the stones.  We could barely look at them let alone touch them!

We started with the standard saging and a couple of nights under a full moon.  After several heavy saging sessions, we took them outside to recharge in the full moon, where they also experienced a storm and light rain. It helped, yet was not enough.  Energy sensitive clients who also visited the stone agreed, these were some deeply unhappy stones.  Not all of them at this point, but most of them. We were at a loss on what to do next. A client very generously agreed to lend us her very special gold plated crystal bowl that was etched with hieroglyphs!  Maybe just maybe this would help.  We would pick it up at a bowl meditation the next day.

If you’ve never been to a bowl meditation you are missing out on quite the experience. Not only can you hear the bowls, but you can feel them too.  It is a very powerful experience, but I digress. One of the zircons we had gifted one to a friend was at the meditation, hoping that it would recover during the ceremony. But even after all of the crystal bowls, it was still unhappy. I agreed to take it back and and work with it some more with the others. As we were talking I’m holding this zircon, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions, and it became clear, it was the zircons holding most of the sad and angry energy.

Now zircons are some of the oldest minerals known on the planet, dating around 4.2 Billion years old! Zircon is not rare, at least in tiny crystal formations as it is found in granite, but crystals that are a size you can carry are not as common.  Zircons are used to date layers and crystal formations, find out more here from the American Museum of Natural History.

So as you can imagine, it’s not easy to get through to a stone that has seen so much history.  With the loan of a very special crystal bowl and the aid of our Tibetan bowls we were able to break through and lift the energy of the stones. We played the bowls in two 30-minute sessions, and progress has been made!  All the stones feel so much lighter! And the zircons? We they are practically giggling, something we feared we would never achieve. I can’t attach video to the blog, at least I can’t figure it out at the moment. So hop over to the instagram page, and I’ll post a short video there! (@tosotscrystals)

If you’ve never experienced crystal or Tibetan bowls then we highly suggest you do.  Sound healing has been around for centuries.  And we now know that on a human level, sound waves interact with our cell walls to change the shape of what the cells release and uptake, so really it creates healing at a cellular level.  This is what we did for the stones. If you are looking for a crystal bowl event, try a yoga studio, often restorative classes will have crystal bowls. What’s more relaxing that rolling on the floor for a couple of hours listening to them?? If you can’t find one locally, there are many choices on you tube, here’s an example.

So a long story short, as soon as we find some free time, we’ll be working on adding some beautiful new stones to our store!